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JRC was founded in 2016 by Jaufre Rouanet (ex. PwC consultant), and includes a dynamic team of financial and strategic consultants who share a passion for helping companies grow and structure their business to enhance their potential and reach success in their industry. JRC is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Uniquely, JRC is able to offer services in two inter-linked areas:​

  • Corporate and Legal deals with contractual, legal management and compliance matters​

  • Finance and Control provides services for all accounting and reporting, control and financing activities

JRC is a corporate consulting company providing its expertise to businesses, from start-up size to multinationals, for all stages of development, from incorporation to IPO through restructuring.

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JRC is dedicated to bringing added value to our clients and to help them structure, protect and enhance their businesses. JRC prides itself on being able to make a real difference thanks to its dedicated, passionate and highly experienced team which help our clients achieve their aims, while at all times work ethically and in compliance with the law.

Our support towards our clients is based on five principles:

  • KNOWLEDGEABLE: All of our consultants are highly knowledgeable and well qualified within their areas of expertise. Our multi-cultural and multi-lingual team has many years of experience both of working with each other and with clients in the Middle East and Europe.

  • HELPFUL: We work side by side with our clients to understand their needs and to propose bespoke solutions

  • REACTIVE: Our team is well versed in the demands of organizations and works with dedication to provide our clients with highly reactive support at all times.

  • INTEGRATED: We build long-term relationships with our clients and embed our consultants with their business to provide a more informed level of service and strategic support.

  • ETHICAL: We integrate honesty, integrity and ethics as core values in everything we do.

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We have developed a 4-step approach to reveal the value of your business. We support you to:

  • CREATE value by defining an adequate strategy (brand value)​

  • CAPTURE the value created through products and services​

  • IDENTIFY and mobilize resources (Human, Technological, Financial) to help you reach your objectives and perform

  • ALLOCATE and control resources efficiently and monitor key business pillars (team, process and systems)

As a business consulting company, we have the responsibility to help businesses handle and grow their activity with a fair adjustment between ambition and available resources for development.

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